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Have you visited a website and you got a suggestion to install a related app or official application and you resist ?

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Our technologies

We use the hottest technologies like React, Angular and VanillaJS to deliver to our customers the best experience.

We don't always follow the trends, we learn, use them in our products before we adopt a new technologies.

Our Services

kitchenet make extensible web and mobile app that can grow fast, we accompany the project from the idea stage to the production mode passing by choosing the technologies, making the design and doing the development.
Also we improve an existing web or mobile application to take them to the next level

Web App Development

We love JavaScript because you can pass your experience to any one in world through a web browser, we carefully choose the web technologies that fit to our customers need

Mobile App Development

We live in fast growing mobile world, making fast and smooth mobile application is challenging, using the right technologies help our customers get what they want in less amount of time.


You already have a mobile or web app and you want to go to the next level? You have a website and you want to make a mobile for it? You are in the right place


We believe that sharing is one of the best things that we can do, Kitchenet Education helps students and employees to upgrade they skills to meet the tech industry new challenges

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What is RxJS?

More details about Reactive programming : What is Reactive programming ? RxJS is like Lodash or Underscore for async, because you can treat all events as a set...

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What is Reactive programming ?

Reactive programming is learning to program completely around synchronous data streams, so what the deference between Imperative programming and Reactive programming ?

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Progressive Web App

Have you visited a website and you got a suggestion to install a related app or official application and you resist ?

Things have been changed

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Assisty is a mobile service of daily life to help Tunisians can analyze your request in different languages including Tunisian dialect, you can chat, interaction with it, Assisty is growing in each day she passes out and she upgrade itself.

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Docteury is a medical appointments management platform that searches for practitioner’s contacts in a specific area selected by its users allowing them to make appointments online.
Our Founder Labidi Aymen (you can check his personal web site) dreams about making the health-it accessible to all, Docteury is growing projects and it's still in his test stage

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Kitchenet Education

Kitchenet Education is a place that you can upgrade your skills to meet the tech industry need, learning technology is really important to your career.
Here in Kitchenet Education we help you to passes through.

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Diwane is a book series dedicated to children.
The concept behind augmented reality books is simple: a physical book contains many elements that elude the human eye, only visible through the use of various apps, gadgets and other devices.
Diwane use this concept to make the kids learn hen they are playing.

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